Come and Eat! George Ancona

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Come and Eat!  by  George Ancona

Come and Eat! by George Ancona
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This book is called Come and Eat, and is by George Ancona. This book was different from all the other books I have read, because it tells about the different food as well as different ways to eat around the world. This book shows how some people use silverware while others use fingers or chopsticks. In the beginning of the book, It talks about how we begin to eat, and how we learn to eat by ourselves. This book also does a great job at looking how different cultures celebrate and eat food during the holidays. In Sweden, during the holiday of Saint Lucia, the oldest daughter dresses up in a white dress with a red sash, and wears a wreath with lighted candles.

Then they serve saffron-flavored buns to wake up her father. Birthdays are also a time where we eat special food.I would use this book when talking about a food lesson. I think it would be very cool to bring in a some of the food different cultures eat. If I could not do that, I would have a day where students had to eat their lunch with their hands and maybe chopsticks. This would also be a great book to look at when discussing different cultures.

I also like how the pictures in this book are photographs and not just illustrations! Overall I really liked this book and think it is a great book for any elementary school grade. I give it 5 stars!

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