The Work Study Part 1: Their First Week Osborn Croon



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The Work Study Part 1: Their First Week  by  Osborn Croon

The Work Study Part 1: Their First Week by Osborn Croon
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Miller Pharmaceuticals has a problem. Theyve created a drug that can change the world! Not only does it prevent the transmission of any venereal disease, but it also prevents any women taking it from becoming pregnant. They only have to decide how to test and market it.This 30,000 word novella details the girls first week in the program, when they have to train their bodies and minds to perform the tasks required of them.Six young woman have a problem.

They have everything -- brains, looks, determination -- but college has gotten to expensive for anyone save the ultra-rich to afford and no one gives out scholarships any more.Miller Pharmaceuticals can solve both problems. It can hire the six young women for a Work Study that pays their way through the best university in the country, and both tests and markets their latest miracle drug. And it all starts very simply:Just take off your clothes, miss.

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