NutraLoaf (Injustice is Served, #3) Reena Jacobs


Published: April 9th 2012

Kindle Edition


NutraLoaf (Injustice is Served, #3)  by  Reena Jacobs

NutraLoaf (Injustice is Served, #3) by Reena Jacobs
April 9th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 5.13 Mb

At the top of the food chain, life can get quite cutthroat.Book 3 of the Injustice is Served Collection.A SHORT STORY ~1,800 wordsNutraLoaf is part of the Injustice Is Served collection, a set of stand alone short stories where the punishment fits the crime. Albeit, the punishments are served through alternative means other than the legal justice system.Each book is a bite-sized story. Think of them as appetizers... or a seven course meal if you download the complete collection.Look for Injustice Is Served as a short story collection or as individual eBooks.Seven psychological thrillers to keep you awake at night.Circulatory System (Book 1) ~ A mother takes the love for her daughter to a higher level.Blind Alley (Book 2) ~ Desperation pushes one man to exchange his dead-end life for another.NutraLoaf (Book 3) ~ At the top of the food chain, life can get quite cutthroat.Severed in Blood (Book 4) ~ She wanted nothing more than her husbands love.Reasonable Risks (Book 5) ~ To earn the biggest payouts, you have to take the biggest risks.Fallen (Book 6) ~ Billy fell.

Thats what they always say in the movies.My Favorite Color No more (Book 7) ~ The psychology of color. One event can put an entirely different shade on life.No lawyers.
No judges.
No trials.
At last,
Is ServedNot meant for bedtime reading, children, or the guilty.Rated M for intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content, strong language, and enough offensive content to make a man clench his knees tightly together.

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